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Tan Line

Ultralight vest - Tan Line

Ultralight vest - Tan Line

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The Pass Ultra-light Vest acts as the last layer. It can be worn over a jacket in winter or over a jersey in spring and on cold descents. Ultra light, it can be easily folded and stored in pockets without noticing. Made of two different fabrics: the front panel is made of waterproof ZeroWind® fabric while the back panel is made of mesh fabric to wick sweat away.

Streamlined fit and quick access to pockets thanks to the easy-open zipper.

The entire collection is unisex.

Ultra light vest:

  • Colour: black
  • ZeroWind® fabric on the front panel
  • Ultra-light mesh fabric on the back
  • For warm-ups, cool starts or cold descents.
  • Easy-open double zipper for access to pockets
  • High collar to protect from the cold
  • Classic labels on the front and back
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