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Colnago V3Rs - Frame kit

Colnago V3Rs - Frame kit

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Colnago V3Rs frame available in RZWB color. The Colnago V3Rs is a bike built to win. One of the most premium bikes on the market today.


Although it retains some details of the two frames that preceded it, V1-r and V2-r, the design of the V3R has changed profoundly to align with some standards that have been consolidated in recent years, including the possibility of mounting tires more large, up to 28 inches. It is extremely clean and boasts excellent aerodynamic qualities coupled with unprecedented lightness.


What's the point of making a light bike if you can't ride it efficiently? For this reason, the geometry has been completely redesigned. The main features are the shorter head tube, longer fork, and better balance across all eight size options. The height of the lower bottom bracket has also been changed to improve the handling of the bike with increased tires (28c).


To reach a new weight target of 790 grams for size 50 in the raw disc version (including metal components) we used a new type of carbon fiber that allowed Colnago to significantly increase lateral flex stiffness. The new V3R, compared to the V2-r, has 12% more stiffness in the rear compartment and 6% in the front head tube area. The ability to absorb vertical impacts has been significantly improved, which translates into greater comfort.


Completely new and redesigned, the V3R's fork is much lighter compared to the V2-r's. Its gross weight (uncut) corresponds to 390 grams, with TFS integrated headset thread included. In a size 50, which we can consider a medium size, the cut fork can weigh just 340 grams. The new shape with concave pods at the top (front view) optimizes wheel clearance allowing the use of wide tires (28c), along with comfort and lateral stiffness.


The cables run completely, internally to the Colnago Sr9 stem and then through the fork steerer tube. The frame is therefore extremely clean and technically more aerodynamic.


Much of the effort has gone into this area of ​​the frame, both to reduce the overall weight of the lockout system and to increase its functionality, power and security. The new locking system is therefore smaller compared to that of the V2-r and C64, integrated into the frame and allows more modulation in tightening.

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