Custom Build / Montajes personalizados

Custom Build / Custom mounts

At Velo Mallorca we are committed to personalized assemblies, also known as à la carte assemblies, since it allows us to better satisfy the needs and demands of our clients.

Our main objective is to offer an extraordinary shopping experience to our clients, so involving them in assembling a completely exclusive and unique bicycle is our main objective.

Why do we think a custom build is better than buying a complete bike?

Mainly it allows us to adapt to the client's tastes in terms of brands, weights, budget or design; while at the same time we make sure that the bicycle is adjusted to the millimeter to the client's needs with a pre and post biomechanical study to ensure all measurements.

It is a guided process through our expert bike-fitters where they will guide you in being able to choose between:

- Frame type

-Shift group

-Development cassette

-Development of dishes

-Length of the connecting rods

-Type of tires

-Type of tires

-Width and length of saddle

-Long stem and handlebar

-Type of handlebar tape

-Type of pedals

-Power meter

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