In our exclusive Velo Mallorca bicycle boutique, you can discover the range of Colnago bicycles. The Colnago bicycle brand combines craftsmanship, technology and perfection.

Colnago, one of the most prestigious bicycle brands worldwide, being a benchmark in carbon and pioneers in using disc brakes on road bicycles.

Find in Velo Mallorca the two quintessential Colnago models: Colnago C68 Bicycle and Colnago V3Rs.

The Colnago C68 frame is the new version of the Colnago C64, a bike that encapsulates Colnago's history. It is considered a premium bike, perfect for cycling lovers, those cyclists who know what they want and is currently considered the greatest object of cycling desire.

A bike assembled by hand in Italy that provides a ride quality second to none.

The Colnago V3Rs frame is the quintessential Colnago Bikes monocoque. The Colnago V3RS bike is the perfect mix between a stair climber and an aero bike, while allowing for 30mm tires. In addition, it offers an infinite number of colors to customize the bicycle as you like so that it becomes a unique and special piece.