Nueva Factor Ostro Vam 2024

New Factor Ostro Vam 2024

Factor does it again and leaves everyone amazed with the reissued edition of the new Factor Ostro VAM in 2024.

Factor Bikes, the high-performance bicycle brand, launches the new generation of the OSTRO VAM.

The Factor Ostro Vam bike has been designed and developed for all types of speeds, through a new model molded around precisely managed aerodynamic gains, offering cyclists a highly reactive and uncompromising racing bike.

The engineers of Factor They have sought to find the balance between weight, rigidity and aerodynamics, refusing to compromise on any of these three aspects.

Ostro Factor VAM 2024 Velo Mallorca

The result is a modern road bike for riders who demand precise handling, immediate power transfer, comfort on rough roads and light weight for optimal performance on climbs.

What differences does it present compared to the Factor Ostro VAM?

Key areas of optimization compared to the previous OSTRO VAM frame include the forks, headset, top tube and seat tube.

Factor 's new design optimization has resulted in a 70-gram reduction in drag (a seven-watt savings) compared to the previous OSTRO VAM frame, with most pronounced aerodynamic benefits between five and ten degrees of angle of incidence. that most represent real-world driving conditions.

Ostro Factor VAM 2024 Velo Mallorca Table

How much does the new Factor Ostro VAM frame weigh?

Every gram has been modeled, tested and tested to deliver aerodynamic benefits and improve the ride feel of the OSTRO VAM. With a frame weight of 820 grams in a size 54 (painted), the savings have been thanks to Factor 's aerodynamic improvements and in response to the recently updated UCI tube width regulations. Therefore, a size 54 OSTRO VAM with standard components can easily be assembled as a complete 6.8 kilogram bike when combined with the new Black Inc 48/58 wheels. This means a weight saving of 267.8 grams compared to the previous generation.

FActor Ostro VAM New White Velo Mallorca
Rob Gitelis, founder of Factor Bikes and Black Inc , said: " With the launch of the new OSTRO VAM, we are pushing the limits of carbon bicycle design and production to improve what was already a proven winner. The overall victory at the Santos Tour Down Under of 2024 was a dream debut for the OSTRO VAM, and we hope to see professional riders and users reach new heights with this bike."
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