Wilier Triestina


Wilier bikes in Velo Mallorca

Wilier Triestina was founded in 1906. It was born from the brilliant idea of ​​a Bassano merchant to build bicycles on his own.

Wilier Triestina's style is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation . But it is also synonymous with safety and reliability when used at the highest level. The development of a new model starts from a freehand drawing on canvas and ends with the use of the most advanced materials and the greatest technological innovations.

Here, at Velo Mallorca, you can find Willier Triestina bicycles and accessories.

Wilier bikes in Velo Mallorca

Wilier Triestina is a benchmark for the most demanding cyclists who know that owning a Wilier is not choosing just any bike. Its reference symbol the "halberd" is part of the history of cycling.

"We've never stopped combining state-of-the-art know-how with the ingenuity and originality we're known for. Because we don't just build bikes, we create them." Wilier Triestina

Bicycle Wilier En Velo Mallorca

Wilier bikes encapsulate the features that discerning cyclists look for in the most technologically advanced road bikes : ultra-lightweight, high-speed stability and control, braking performance, electronic transmission, high aerodynamics and complete cable integration, all applied to the superb Wilier Triestina's racing bike.


At Velo Mallorca we have all the Wilier models and we can carry out warranty procedures. Join us WITH WILIER!