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Factor O2 VAM 2023 Storm Bicycle - Premium pack

Factor O2 VAM 2023 Storm Bicycle - Premium pack

The new Factor O2 VAM 2024 bike. The lightest climbing bike in the world.

The new O2 VAM is the ultimate aero bike. We didn't invent this category, but we perfected it: nothing else, this light is so fast, nothing so fast is so light. It's also extremely stiff, smooth, and descends with the precision, confidence, and speed of a fighter pilot.

It's the best option for riders looking for all-around performance on big days in the mountains. It's everything you dreamed of and didn't think possible, a unicorn among the bikes.

The new O2 VAM uses the highest quality materials, supercomputer-optimized tube shapes for stiffness-to-weight ratio, and a new manufacturing process so advanced we built a whole new factory.

Why make an aero climbing bike?

First of all, because the climbs are only one part of the journey of any cyclist and in the rest of any route it is as important as always to be aerodynamic. Second, because the pros climb so fast that aerodynamics are still an important consideration even on typical 8% grades. Of course, everyone wants lightness and low drag, but since aero shapes are heavier, the challenge for a climb-focused bike is to save the most watts and add the fewest grams. Our team did it.

How aerodynamic is it?

In the wind tunnel, with effective wind angles of 0-5 degrees (i.e. a calm day, or moderate headwind to crosswind), the new O2 VAM is only 5 W behind the OSTRO VAM, which itself is the fastest aero bike on the market.

The price is for the kit frame that includes: carbon frame, fully integrated handlebar, seat post, ceramic steering bearings and depalier (CeramicSpeed), Garmin support and handlebar tape.

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