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Helmet POC Ventral Air Spin NFC integrated chip

Helmet POC Ventral Air Spin NFC integrated chip

The Poc Ventral Air Spin NFC helmet is one of the most revolutionary and safest models on the market because it has technology that provides medical information to rescuers in the event of an accident.

The NFC Medical ID chip instantly provides the data of your medical condition so that you can make the best decision in the first moments of the incident. This facilitates diagnosis and ensures proper treatment of the injury. This motorcycle helmet comes with a Unibody shell built in one piece that prevents it from disintegrating in a crash.

The EPS liner provides impact cushioning and durability, and the SPIN pad contributes to superior comfort. This cycling helmet remains ventilated at all times thanks to the internal channels that allow air to circulate during the trip. The helmet that can speak for you when you can't.

Created to complement Resistance Ultra clothing suitable for long adventure travel, the Ventral Air SPIN NFC has all the standard features of the award-winning Ventral Air SPIN and benefits from the inclusion of an NFC medical ID chip, making it ideal for adventurers. remote singles or desert walks.

The NFC chip can be easily read by holding an NFC-enabled smartphone over the helmet. It can instantly provide rescuers with the information they need at the scene of an injury, helping them make the best judgments for treatment in the vital "Golden Hour" immediately after an accident.


- NFC medical ID chip stores vital medical information that can be immediately accessed by first responders

- Internal channels control airflow at high and low speeds

- Extreme cooling and ventilation thanks to the innovative internal airflow design

- CFD-proven design minimizes turbulence and improves aerodynamic performance - SPIN (cut pad inside)

- EPS liner optimized for low weight and crash protection

- Fully wrapped unibody shell improves the structural integrity of the helmet

- 360° lightweight size adjustment system makes it easy to find a precise fit

- Adjustable straps anchored to the helmet lining

- Eye Garage keeps sunglasses safe

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