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Alba Optics Stratos model cycling sunglasses to compete with an optimal visual experience.

You are pedaling. One more time. Perfection is your goal. Improving not only performance but also your condition as an athlete. You want to progress: respond to something that simmers inside you. For this, you need a clear vision. And for this, we have designed STRATOS: glasses that help you focus on the goal whether you are competing on a stage or training at home.

Stratos sports the new S-LENS VZUM ™ ultralight polycarbonate interchangeable lenses developed by Alba Optics with one goal: to provide athletes with the best visual experience in all weather conditions and on all terrains. The full coverage of the S-LENS VZUM™ lenses allows for a full, unobstructed view of your surroundings.

A central vent in the lens allows heat and vapor to escape before they can cloud your vision. The frame secures the interchangeable lens with a simple interlocking system. To allow you to adapt STRATOS to each face, the frame is telescopic and adjustable in 4 different positions. Every conquest starts from a vision, that's why STRATOS is simply stratospheric, beyond imagination.

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